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Goodyear – A Relaxed And Yet Sophisticated Destination

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The city of Goodyear is located in the state of Arizona within the Maricopa County. This is one of the fastest growing communities in the state and the city has even been renowned with a couple of national awards. This city is definitely a great place to live and even a better vacation destination. This lively and dynamic city is located amid a beautiful natural setting. It is surrounded by lush valleys, crystal clear rivers and high mountain tops. There is a wide variety of recreational activities around this beautiful natural setting. The cityscape of this destination also boasts many beautiful parks and a number of recreational areas which offer quite the diverse facilities.

In addition to all of this, Goodyear will also offer you a wide range of shopping venues which you can explore. In the city there are also a fair number of fine and renowned restaurants which you can explore. There are also many entertainment options available, including modern cinemas and many other fund places you can visit. This destination also boasts a rich and lively cultural scene which you will also have the chance to explore. All of these offerings are packed in a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, which makes this destination relaxed and the same time quite sophisticated.

There are many attractions within the city of Goodyear which you will be able to explore. One of the most interesting cultural sites is the local Bible Museum. You should visit this museum, because it holds the largest collection of antique bibles in the entire world. There is also a performing arts center in the city which you might find interesting. And if you are on vacation with your family, then you simply must take your children to the Wildlife World Zoo. This impressive zoo holds more than 400 species of animals. Most of these species are endangered and rare exotic animals which will definitely amaze you.

This city is a very family-friendly destination, many enjoyable family events such as concerts and comedy shows, are organized regularly. However, the most noteworthy event of the city is definitely the air show. Held every two year at a local air force base situated just outside the city, this show you is an amazing display.

When you have explored the diverse attractions of the city, you will have many choices on what to do next. You can indulge yourself in shopping at the local shopping district, you can explore the dining options and the exotic offerings at the finest local restaurants and you can also opt for exploring the vibrant nightlife scene at the city.

You will also have many recreation opportunities at Goodyear. A visit to one of the many parks within the city will provide with numerous things to do. At the parks you will find pools, cycling alleys, roller skating alleys and many other interesting features. There is even a skate park within the city. There are also a couple of spa centers which you can visit if you want to unwind and relax. Another feature of the city, are the several golf courses and clubs located there. These scenic courses attract a lot of visitors with their variable and beautiful terrain.

And of course, you should definitely enjoy the impressive scenery surround Goodyear. You should start from the beautiful Estrella Mountains and the magnificent regional park there. This park comprises of scenic hiking trails, camping grounds and picnic areas. The majestic mountainous vistas are not to be missed. Another destination which you should visit is the White Tank Mountain Regional Park which as well offers many beautiful trails, and also a horseback rides and other interesting activities.

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Witness A Mesmerizing Blend Of Spirituality And Religion In Mcleodganj

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If you are in search of peace, spirituality and tranquility then Mcleodganj is a perfect destination for you. Being a residence of one of the most popular spiritual leader of the world, Dalai Lama, this place has emerged as a Tibetan Buddhism center and a resting place for Hindu and Buddhist peace seekers. People come here to get a firsthand experience with the nature in its purest form.

Mcleodganj has the dual characteristics of being one of the most sought after tourist destination along with being renowned seat of the Holy leader Dalai Lama. Situated 31 Km from the Kangra town in Himachal Pradesh, it is visited by tourists in search of fun filled adventure and seekers in search of peace and knowledge. This place will energize you with beautiful orchids, mesmerize you with dim lit restaurants and amaze you with its curio shops of Tibetan and Kashmiri artifacts. On the similar note, here is the list of must visit places upon your visit to this hilly center:

  • Tsung-lha-khang Temple: This temple with its two storied architecture is an integral part of Mcleodganj’s landscape. It contains a palace, beautiful cottages and unusual column of Deodar trees which are still growing. It has a 9 feet gilded Buddha image and a podium where Dalai Lama delivers his lectures. If you are a fan of Tibetan artistic and spiritual traditions then Kalachakra temple and Namgyal monastery within this temple’s premises would readily amaze you.
  • Namgyalma Stupa: This hybrid Indo-Tibetan structure was built to honor Tibetan warriors who sacrificed their lives fighting for their motherland. It has rows of colorful wheels where loud prayers are sung which mystifies the entire atmosphere along with enchanting you.
  • Church of St John: Situated towards lower Dharamshala, it has exquisite stained glass windows depicting John the Baptist with Jesus Christ. This church is a proud monument which was built in 1852, covered with huge Deodar trees being a lone survivor amongst many monuments of that period.
  • Tibetan Institute of performing arts: It is the major centre of this town’s social life. Set up by Dalai Lama, it plays a host of 10 day Shoon festival held in March-April which is worth attending. Filled with color and celebration, this festival would readily leave you mesmerised, amazed and awed.
  • Shopper’s delight: If you are on a shopping spree then Mcleodganj is unarguably a paradise for you. With wide range and variety of Tibetan carpets, ponchos, jackets, jewellery, bottled products etc its main bazaar is one of the most populous places where you’ll find tourist and locals enjoying shopping and savouring the traditional delights.

Mcleodganj is easily accessible and has well laid roads. So, it is recommended to take a road trip to Mcleodganj as it is surrounded with exotic highlands which will leave you refreshed. In addition, there are packaged tours organized by Himachal Pradesh tourism which covers all the famous tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh. You can book one of such tours and experience the exquisiteness of this beautiful and peaceful state of India.

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Beaches In Thailand You Need To See To Believe

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Thailand is known for many things but its beaches are among the best in the world – and so the hardest thing can be working out which one to head to. From long, wide, sandy strips filled with bars and restaurants to small coves on deserted islands, the many and varied beautiful beaches on offer make Thailand the ideal destination for sun worshipers.

If you are planning on travelling abroad, however, make sure you compare the best deals on travel insurance before you set off. Travelling without insurance can lead to some large bills for medical care if you are unlucky enough to have an accident or fall ill while abroad.

Many students, lured in by not only the beaches but the constant heat and cheap cost of living, take a gap year just to backpack around some of the best beaches in Thailand. This became even more popular after the film The Beach, starring Leonardo di Caprio, was released to great acclaim.

But if you can’t spare the time to spend a year exploring the coastline of this part of Asia, here’s a guide to the best beaches for a holiday.

Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach is often named as Thailand’s best beach and is thought to be its most popular. As the longest beach on the island, its white sands and warm waters entice dazzled tourists in. The sheer number of restaurants, bars and shops close by also mean that there is always something to do here. The lively nightlife makes for a party atmosphere and the jet skis fly up and down the beach every day, so anyone who prefers a more peaceful holiday will probably wish to try somewhere else.

Chaweng Beach, KohSamui

This four-mile-long beach is the most popular on KohSamui and has plenty of bars and restaurants lining it. However, this popularity comes at a price and it usually packed with tourists and local vendors. If you like hustle and bustle with a backdrop of palm trees and some of the clearest water off the island, then this one is for you.

HaadRin, KohPhaNgan

HaadRin is stunningly beautiful, but is known by young backpackers for just one thing – it’s the location of the famed (and infamous) Full Moon Party. The all-night extravaganza that features lots of drinking, dancing and music is only held, as the name suggests, once a month. But the beach has a party vibe most of the year round and is very popular with the younger crowd. Hedonism aside, its golden sands and sloping coast make it an ideal spot for swimming and its location on a peninsula means the area remains largely undeveloped.

A Guide To Scuba Diving In The Philippines

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The Philippines is an archipelago of over seven thousand islands in East Asia. It is a truly unique destination that combines traditional Asian culture with centuries of foreign influence. The Philippines boasts incredible natural scenery like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, beautiful islands perfect for swimming and snorkelling and bustling cities like Cebu and Manila. It is also one of the best places on Earth to go scuba diving. If you are interesting in scuba diving in the Philippines, read on for some of the best destinations to do so within the country. Learn about unique holiday ideas and new ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the Philippines.

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This destination is found near the city of Batangas on the Philippine Island of Luzon. It also boasts some of the most incredible diving sites in the entire country. Part of the coastline is known as the coral triangle thanks to three distinct reefs that converge there and provide a home to a large number of fish species. The Pink Wall is a dive site known specifically for its pink coral reef and an abundance of eels. Just along the coastline a mile is Awash North, a diving destination for intermediate scuba divers who can swim through a wide underwater canyon. Accommodation includes live aboard dive boats and several onshore hotels and bungalows.


The diving destination of Dakak is located on the larger island of Mindanao. It is primarily a summer diving destination, as the weather between September and March makes visibility difficult underwater in this area. Beginner divers will enjoy Liuay Rock, a shallow and easy dive full of brightly coloured fish and starfish along the floor of the ocean. Those interested in a more elaborate night dive should head to the Caves. These caves boast a sandy bottom and a number of night dwellers like Spanish dancers and nocturnal crustaceans. The black coral is a unique marker in this area. There is one resort onshore that caters to divers, or visitors can take a twenty minute drive to the nearby city of Dapitan where there are hotels as well as Philippines apartments for rent. These apartments can be very affordable and are a great choice for long term guests.

La Union

This is one of the most popular diving sites for people who want to explore wrecks while scuba diving. Since the Philippines was a major scene of battle in World War II, there are sunken Japanese and American ships found around the region. La Union in Luzon is home to an impressive wreck called Hashi Maru. This Japanese ship was sunk in 1941 and is seventy feet underwater today. You can actually swim around the hull and touch the items that were left on the ship, although it is illegal to bring any items up above water. Just a short distance from the Hashi Mari are the Fagg Tanks, heaps of scrap metal and guns that were disposed of following World War II. Accommodations in La Union are comfortable, modern and cater to international visitors.

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This island is a popular tourism destination within the Philippines thanks to stunning beaches and several luxury resorts for international travellers. It is also ideal for scuba diving thanks to the year round visibility and abundant marine life. Divers in Bohol should head to the uninhabited Cabilao Island off the coast for some of the most spectacular diving in the country. Here you can expect to see schools of hammerhead sharks, barracudas and eels. Bohol boasts a number of beautiful and luxurious villas as well as hotels and resorts catering to divers

How to Get The Most Out of Your Trip in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a veritable paradise on Earth with a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. Because the country works so hard to keep their wilderness pristine, it is a prime destination for hiking, beaches, wildlife watching and fishing. You can take a breathtaking zip line through the jungle canopy or try to spot all four of the monkey species native to Costa Rica. But if you want to get up close and personal with the wildlife to combine nature and sports, then fishing can provide you with the best of both worlds.

Because the ocean around Costa Rica is so well cared-for, game fish like marlins grow to an incredible size. Black marlins can grow to be 16 feet long, while blue marlins can be up to 20 feet. The largest caught marlin on record has been undisputed for 20 years, so Costa Rica sport fishing is a prime opportunity to catch the next big one! Marlins are also incredibly fast swimmers, so don’t worry if you can’t snag one.

The Costa Rican waters are teeming with sailfish, which only grow up to 10 feet and are known for their leaps and jumps out of the water. Yellowfin tuna also thrive in the warm tropical waters. These can be eight feet long, but don’t expect an easy catch: The yellowfin is considered the strongest species of tuna, so you’ll be in for a challenging trip if you manage to snag one! The barracuda may have a fearsome reputation, but it will only reach about five feet in length and you’re perfectly safe at the end of a fishing rod. Most charter trips operate on a catch-and-release basis to keep the fishing top-notch, but depending on the license, you may be able to keep one or two fish to taste seafood directly from the source.

Most Costa Rica sports fishing charters will take you out on the water all day. Though they will provide food and refreshments, if you’re fighting with fish all day, you’ll want to make sure you have plans to relax when you get back to shore. If you want a relaxing beach getaway, aim for Playa Herradura. Playa Herradura is a laid-back “tico community,” which means it’s full of locals and not tourists. If you want to blow off steam instead of unwinding, head 10 minutes away to Playa Jaco, one of the most popular beaches with a lively nightlife. Here you’ll find hotels, restaurants, bars and shops as well as famously good surfing. Because Costa Rica has such a thriving tourism industry, you’ll encounter friendly locals and other travelers enjoying the island.

Costa Rica has a little bit of everything for the nature lover, from coffee beans to sea turtles. Because the wildlife is so spectacular, you’d be remiss to not try to see it all. Fishing trips in Costa Rica offer you an unparalleled look at the wide diversity of sea animals, and charters can accommodate experts or novices so that everyone can experience the excitement.

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Sightseeing in London: How to Make the Most of your Visit

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London is one of the most popular cities in the world to go to and it’s no wonder that many people spend their holidays there. That being said, travelling to London is not an affordable trip. However, there are some tricks and tips to follow that can make it a little bit more wallet-friendly. London has several airports: Heathrow is the most popular and the busiest in the world; Stansted is located 35 miles out of London and cheaper airlines tend to fly there; Gatwick is the second busiest in London; and City Airport is located smack in the heart of London but has lesser flights. So if you’re travelling far and wide, then Heathrow is most-likely your destination, however don’t forget to try other airports as there might be a bargain to be had.

Choose Your Season Carefully

The UK’s temperate climate is an odd one. In December, you either have cool, crisp sunny days or horrendous snow storms. The summer can get heat waves that are akin to that of southern France or you might experience weeks of rain. The summer is usually the most expensive time for hotels, but most of the London attractions are available at any time of year. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then early spring or autumn can be a great time to go. Just remember to pack a wide range of clothing as the weather is so unpredictable.

Avoid National Holidays

It’s not only foreign tourists that head to London during national holidays but the rest of the UK do, also. Therefore, the prices fluctuate and during the summer holidays, when the schools are closed, hotels and London, in general, are so busy. Bank holidays usually mean that flights to London prices are ramped up due to the increased demand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For An Upgrade

Whether it’s a flight or a hotel room, it’s always worth a try to ask for an upgrade. You’re paying good money to get to and stay in London, so why not be cheeky and see if you can make your trip a little bit more special. If you ask, you might get placed on a waiting list, but if you don’t then you’ll never know. Hotels often have cancellation bookings of suites or apartments, so you could actually be doing them a favour by taking the room and leaving the lessor rooms open for others.

If you head to the markets, then haggle hard. The locals love to meet new people and have a battle of negotiations over their products. This is a great way to save money on your souvenirs, too.

Whenever you’re heading to London, try and make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. If you can sniff out a bargain or get something extra from your flight or hotel, then be brave and ask for it. One thing is for certain, everyone that takes a holiday to London adores the city and will want to come back time and time again.

Henry Motherwell first visited London in 1991 and has been visiting it almost every year since. She finds cheap hotels in central London for her accommodation and aims to find new bargains at the shops on each visit.

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